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2019 Show Programme

2019 Show Programme

2019 Programme (PDF format)

Saturday 21st September

10:55AM Show opening - Intro/Welcome

11:00AM White Noise – Classic rock & blues covers played by four guys in their 50’s having lots of fun.

12:30PM The Cider house rounder’s – Traditional American Old Time dance music from the Appalachian region of South-West Virginia. A cultural fusion of traditional English, Scots and Irish folk tunes and African-American rhythm.

1:30PM CHSW - a short Summary on the Charity.

2:00PM Chris Waite – A musician with many years’ experience who faithfully reproduces classics from the 70’s & 80’s. His enthusiasm for this music comes through in his performance.

3:00PM Phil IBA - Leaves on guess the mileage ride.

3:30PM Mulberry Junction – A four piece band from Nailsea playing a mix of classic covers and original music.

4:30PM Charity Auction

5:00PM Going Nowhere – Versatile classic rock covers band.

6:30PM The Road Trip – Talented Duo who perform classic hits from all era’s.

8:00PM Corvus – Classic rock covers band, with some added modern pop and a few other twist and turns to add a bit of funky spice.

9:30PM The Cringe – Classic Rock focusing on the music of Led Zeppelin and other Seventies trail blazers.

Sunday 22nd September

11:55AM Show opening – Intro/Welcome

12:00AM Four and a Half Shades – Bristol based covers band with a vintage twist. From motown and musicals to rock and jazz, They play everything to make your event stand a shade apart!

1:00PM CHSW - a short Summary on the Charity.

1:30PM Drifftwood - Five piece Bath-based rock and blues band playing classic 50s/60s/70s covers with lots of foot tapping energy and style.

3:00PM Phil IBA – Returns from guess mileage ride.

3:00PM Chiaroscuro– Progressive rock/metal from the badlands of Bristol. Guitar solos, odd time signatures and long songs.

3:45PM Awards Raffle etc.

4:30PM Caught on the back foot - An extremely versatile and talented covers band who play a massive range of music of all genres, from Iron Maiden to Stevie Wonder with a bit of Oasis for good measure. Truly a band for all occasion’s pub’s, clubs or private functions.

6:00PM Show closes :(